Lala the LizardTM
Bilingual Book Series

Lala the Lizard is different, she does not eat insects and her best friend is a spider. Join these two inseparable friends while they discover new adventures in the garden and they learn that our differences is what make us special!

Lala, a Different Kind of Lizard

International Latino Book Awards winner
Most inspirational Children’s Picture Books 

If we were all the same and liked the same things, this world would be very boring!

Lala the Lizard feels insecure about revealing to her family that she does not eat insects and her best friend is a spider. After the two friends journey away from the Pond by The Rock, Lala, and Ari discover that our differences make us special and that it’s important to be surrounded by those who accept us the way we are.

Story messages: Diversity, tolerance, respect, identity, empathy, family, and friendship.

Lala and the Pond by The Rock

In her second illustrated adventure, Lala meets Oscar, a fish who tells them that the Pond by The Rock is contaminated with trash and pollution.

Lala the Lizard, who knows that even the smallest creatures can make big changes, immediately knew what needed to be done.

They learn that we can overcome the greatest challenges when we join the strength of all creatures, regardless of their differences, and we come together to help the community.

Story messages: Diversity, Friendship, Nature, Environment, Empathy, Teamwork.


The Author

Susana is a writer, designer, and aspiring poet from the beautiful Cali, Colombia. She lives in Miami, Florida where she enjoys taking pictures of sunsets, her orchids, and her two cats.

The Illustrator

The talent behind Lala's colorful world is Natalia Jiménez Osorio, ​a young artist from Colombia. 

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